Lekas | Same-day Delivery. Nationwide.

Undoubted dedication, impactful sincerity and decades of experience; all combined in a tiny body. Lekas is inspired by a simplicity that perseveres, a genuine spirit that we found in buruh gendong (load-carriers) at Pasar Beringharjo, Yogyakarta.


A world without distances.

We get your things delivered faster to make you unstoppable.


Core Values

"What brings us together guides us forward"

Our core values guide everything we do as a company and as people. They help keep us on the right path heading toward a destination we can all believe in. We strive to bring out the best in one another, deliver success to our customers, and inspire the entire industry through our actions.

Lean & Agile

Breaking through conventions to make efficient ideas into reality


Delighting our clientele by providing memorable experiences


Integrating ourselves to be a delivery arm of our clientele


Gaining trust by delivering consistent exceptional performance


Embracing continuous incremental
improvement to create innovation leaps


"Beyond mere membership"

It’s more than just membership, it reinforces our culture of doing the right thing. We go the extra mile by adopting the highest standards of business integrity enacted by our associations to be a natural part of what we do every day.